Dry-roast the sea salt for a short time in a stainless steel pan over medium heat. This releases any moisture or chlorine in the salt. The salt will be shiny when it is done. Then grind the salt into a fine powder using a suribachi or mortar.

Wash the sesame seeds in a strainer and then roast the wet seeds over medium heat. While roasting, push seeds back and forth gently with a wooden paddle or spoon to avoid burning. The seeds will begin to pop and give off a nutty fragrance when done.

Add seeds while they are still hot to the ground salt in the suribachi and slowly and gently grind the seeds in an even circular motion with the suribachi pestle, until the seeds are crushed and thoroughly covered with salt.

Allow the gomasio to cool, then store in an airtight container. The gomasio will keep fresh for several weeks and then can be roasted again to revive its freshness.

Sprinkle gomasio over grains and vegetables to enliven their taste. This delightful seasoning helps in neutralizing acidity in the blood and relieving tiredness.

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