Emotions: Patience and Endurance


Soon we'll be looking forward to Spring whose rising and expanding energy is represented by the Tree. Tree Energy is morning energy with the sun rising in the east and bringing life to the barley, wheat and oats which have been dormant all winter and the sprouts and leafy greens which are coming to life...just like us!

Tree energy is associated with the liver and the gall bladder and flows up the right side of the body - where these organs are located. The multi-tasking liver detoxifies chemicals in the blood, breaks down fat and produces bile to aid in digestion while the gall bladder stores the bile and releases it into the small intestine.

When these organs are in good health, we have the patience and endurance to move through all the ups and downs of our day, but when they are out of balance, our emotions surface as short temper and anger.

Food tip: soups nurture and cleanse the liver and help it to remove toxins.

Lois Jackson